The Best CPAP Machines of 2021 - And How to Pick The Best CPAP for You

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, or you’re looking to upgrade your old CPAP, there’s never been a better time to shop for a new CPAP machine.

Advances in technology have led to incredible new features that can improve your sleep quality and your quality of life! But how do you tell the must-haves from the mistakes? To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of the best CPAP machines according to our Director of Clinical Operations. Below that, we explain the types of CPAP machines you’ll encounter and what features to look for, so you can decide on the perfect machine for yourself!

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The Most Important CPAP Prescription FAQs

Do you need a prescription for CPAP? Yes, because it’s the law! We follow all FDA regulations regarding our equipment to ensure you receive CPAP supplies that are safe and effective for proper treatment. You will need a CPAP prescription for a PAP machine or heated humidifier. Other CPAP supplies such as cushions, pillows, tubing, filters, and water chambers do not require a prescription. 

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Discover The Best Types Of CPAP Machines

After being diagnosed with needing sleep apnea treatment you will want to find the right PAP device (the gold standard for sleep apnea treatment). There are a variety of different CPAP machines designed to treat different patients depending on the severity of their sleep apnea symptoms. That’s why we offer a variety of options and will work with you to find the best CPAP machine to suit your individual needs. Check out our cheat sheet with different brands and types of machines. 

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How To Find The Best CPAP Supplies Online

Part of proper CPAP therapy involves replacing your CPAP supplies on a regular basis to keep your CPAP working like new. Your equipment wears out over time and can collect dust, allergens, and other irritants! Prevent air leaks and protect your health by easily replacing your CPAP supplies online. We’ve put together a list of your best options to help you save time and money.

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How To Choose Best CPAP Cleaner

Dirty CPAP supplies can make you sick. That’s because when left unclean, your CPAP mask, tubing, humidifier, and more can become a breeding ground for harmful pathogens, including viruses, germs, mold, bacteria, and more. However, CPAP cleaning can be a hassle. Washing everything by hand once a week and hanging them up to dry for hours takes up a lot of time. If only there was some type of CPAP cleaner to instantly wipe out harmful pathogens!

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