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The Best CPAP Masks of 2022 - And How to Choose the Right One

CPAP masks may just be the most important part of your sleep therapy. Don't believe it? Spend a night with a leaky mask or your headgear on too tight and you'll understand.

Wearing the wrong mask can lead to skipping your sleep therapy, slipping your mask off in your sleep, or even giving up on your CPAP machine altogether.

But with all of the different choices, it's easy to get overwhelmed. How do you know which CPAP mask will work best for you? We've updated our annual list of this year's best CPAP masks using reader feedback and customer reviews. Afterwards, keep reading to learn what to look for when choosing the right CPAP mask.

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ExciteOSA: Sick of CPAP? This Daytime Sleep Apnea Therapy May Be For You

CPAP therapy can help you feel more awake, improve your health, and may even save your life– but at the end of the day it only treats the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). And while it may be the most widely prescribed treatment for OSA, CPAP may not be right for everyone.

But what if it was possible to treat the root cause of OSA, and do it without having to wear anything at night or undergo invasive surgery? A new daytime therapy device claims to offer exactly that. Today we’ll take a look at the eXciteOSA, whether it really lives up to its promises, and if this CPAP alternative is right for you. Then read on to find answers to the most common questions about the eXciteOSA device!

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Who Actually Needs a CPAP Cleaner? (Plus, the Best CPAP Cleaners of 2022)

If you’ve owned a CPAP machine longer than a day, you’ve probably wished for a quicker and easier way to clean your supplies and accessories. CPAP cleaning machines promise to do that for you with the simple push of a button, but do these sanitizing machines really work? Will they replace handwashing? And which is better, ozone or UV light? 

Today, we’ll answer some of your biggest questions about CPAP cleaners, and who really needs one. Then if you decide a CPAP cleaner is right for you, read on to explore the best CPAP cleaners available in 2022!

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7 Natural Ways to Stop Snoring That You Can Use Tonight

While snoring may cause you to sleep alone, you’re not alone in snoring. In fact, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, nearly half the population snores occasionally, and almost 25% of people snore habitually!

But that statistic is probably no comfort if you’re the one sawing logs (or the sleeping partner of someone who does). That’s why we’ve put together answers to some of the most common questions about snoring, and tips to stop snoring naturally that you can put into practice right away. We’ll also take a look at some long-term strategies to stop snoring, as well as signs that it’s time to talk to a doctor about it.

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Traveling with CPAP (17 Top Tips For Taking Your Treatment on Your Trip)

Whether you’re flying, driving, or hiking, traveling with a CPAP takes a little extra preparation. You may even find yourself tempted to skip your CPAP therapy while on the road. But even one night without your CPAP machine can bring back exhausting sleep apnea symptoms– ruining your trip with daytime fatigue, headaches, and irritability.  

Luckily, we’ve put together answers to some of your most common questions and some helpful tips to turn traveling with a CPAP into smooth sailing.

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ResMed AirMini Review (The 2022 Guide to the World's Smallest Travel CPAP)

If you’re checking out travel CPAP machines, you’ll find that you’ve got more options than ever before. And thanks to advances in technology, those options are packed with more features than ever before! But that can be a blessing and a curse– how do you compare them evenly, so that you get the best mini CPAP machine for your money? That’s why we’ve written these guides, to explore the pros and cons of some of the most popular CPAPs available, and answer some of the most common questions. Today, we’ll be looking at the world’s smallest CPAP: the ResMed AirMini.

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Can Sleep Apnea Kill You? A Look At What the Science Says

If you’re reading this, you probably suspect that you or someone you love may have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). You know sleep apnea symptoms can affect quality of life, but is it really all that serious? 

The shocking truth is that research has shown untreated sleep apnea is linked to an increased risk of death from all causes. You may hear different answers about this because the question “Can you die from sleep apnea?” is not the same question as “Can sleep apnea kill you?” 

Today we’ll take a look at what science says about both questions, as well as what to look out for and when to talk to your doctor.

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CPAP Sales: How to Score the Best Price on New CPAP Products

Looking for the best ways to save money on your next CPAP machine, BiPAP machine, CPAP mask, or other essential CPAP supplies? Look no further! We're breaking down the best ways, times, and places CPAP users like you can find top deals during the upcoming holiday seasons (and beyond)!

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10 Gifts for Snorers (That They’ll Actually Want!)

When you give a loved one a gift to stop snoring, you’re also giving yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep. So by our math, that’s two gifts for the price of one! 

But you also want to make sure your anti-snoring device doesn’t put them in danger, and that’s a real possibility if the underlying cause of their snoozing symphony is sleep apnea. That’s why we’ve split this gift guide in two: Up first are snore stoppers your sweetheart will swoon for. In part two, we’ll cover gifts that CPAP users will actually use!

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ResMed myAir: The Ultimate Guide to ResMed’s CPAP App

With sleep being one of the most important elements of our lives, it's vital to get as much of it as we can! It affects our daily cognitive functions, our mood, and overall well-being. Sleep apnea, however, presents its own set of challenges for getting this effective sleep and sometimes the concept of getting a good night's sleep can seem daunting or even impossible.

Read further for a breakdown of one of our favorite personal assistants for sleep apnea patients: the ResMed myAir. Learn what it is, how to get it, and answers to the top FAQs regarding it.

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