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The APEX XT Prime CPAP is one of the smallest CPAP machines available, making it the perfect travel option. Don’t let the lightweight, palm-sized APEX XT Prime fool you. This compact device delivers the same exceptional sleep apnea therapy as larger machines, with incredible features such as easy to adjust ramp settings, automatic altitude adjustment, leak compensation, and SD card data collection.

Get great sleep no matter where you travel with the APEX XT Prime. It fit perfectly in your carry on with an included power supply to provide extraordinary comfort no matter where you are.

APEX XT Prime Benefits

  • Perfect Travel CPAP

  • Lightweight, compact design

  • Compliance reporting

  • Auto-adjusting pressure

  • Leak compensation

  • Easy-to-use

The enhanced pressure stability and PVA pressure relief help you easily maintain a steady breathing pattern while you sleep. Pressure is reduced as you exhale to help you breathe easier. Plus, the auto-ramp feature gradually increases pressure to your prescribed settings over time, allowing you to comfortably fall asleep faster.

Leak compensation and the low-pressure alarm make sure you’re getting the pressure you need. Use is recorded on an SD for compliance tracking. Easily show sleep reports to your doctor to adjust your settings as needed.


  • XT Prime CPAP Machine
  • 6 foot hose
  • Power cord
  • Carrying case with shoulder strap
  • One reusable foam filters (installed)
  • Instructions
  • USB Cable
  • SD Card
  • Two-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Do you need a converter for the APEX while traveling abroad?

No, the APEX CPAP machines can accept 100-240V, and 50-60Hz without any special adjustment, so there is no need to use the converter. Instead, you may need an international plug adaptor to make the power cord compatible with foreign outlets.

Can you power the APEX with a battery or car adaptor?

That depends on which APEX machine you have. The iCH series CPAP system can operate with an inverter or converter. However, the XT series CPAP system doesn’t have DC capability. It can’t be powered with a battery or car adaptor, but it can be used with a DC to AC inverter (the CPAP only, not the heated humidifier). The converters only allow you to operate your CPAP with a 12V or 24V DC power source.

What is PVA Pressure Relief?

The PVA or Pressure Variation Algorithm is a feature designed to increase comfort by reducing the air pressure passing through the machine as you exhale to create a more natural breathing pattern. You can adjust the settings between 0 and 3. 3 provides the greatest drop in pressure, and one provides the smallest drop. Select the 0 to turn the PVA feature off.